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  • Mezzanine Floors

    raised looring - mezzanine floors

    Raised storage areas and mezzanine floors are increasingly being used for expanding the usable space within retail, factories, warehouses and offices.

  • Mobile Shelving

    high-density mobile shelving

    Short of office space? Use high-density mobile shelving. Store the same in 50% of the space.

  • Longspan Shelving

    longspan shelving

    Available in Budget and Heavy Duty - Longspan is the leading heavy-duty, clip together wide bay steel shelving system for the hand-loaded storage of heavy and large items

  • Adjustable Pallet Racking

    adjustable pallet racking

    Designed for strength, durability, ease of assembly and operational reliability.

  • Stormor Euro Shelving

    Stormor Shelving

    From stand-alone single units to multi-level storage bays, Stormor Euro shelving is the single, simple-to-use, versatile solution.


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